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The Christmas And The Family

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  • The Christmas And The Family

    Winter is coming to the middle, somewhere can be seen a Christmas tree or even a snowman. It is a perfect time to remember that everyone of us has a loved ones, who perhaps so lonely without our care and attention. In anticipation of upcoming holidays, we wish you to keep those who can bring you the love and also take it from you. Let the hugs of loved ones will be soft as a snow and holidays will be lighter than snow. Remember those who always thinks about you and devote them at least a few days in the upcoming year. Don't forget about one's nearest and dearest, be sure to congratulate them on the upcoming holidays.

    It has been a year since we announced a start of developing the new project. Approximately one year ago we designed a new crazy plan, against all odds. We had no support nor professionals. But we believed in our dreams and decided to realize erotic fable, a deep story with hot details. We acted from our hearts, not from our calculations. A few dozens of people from our old forum had supported us. All together we had collected on artists. Not everyone had stayed. To be honest - the only one, who with us all this year and we grateful him for patience and hard work. Now we all almost a some kind of family. So, I hope that everyone will meet holidays with their normal family, not like the previous year: streams, conferences, photoshops...
    But as they say, you can't choose your family.

    As time went on, audience has changed. Someone was disappointed by your choices, another ones was happy, because we kept pace with them. One part of people has been pleased by thinking about new extraordinary project, the other part just can't forgive us cessation of modding and translation. So, only you still staying with us today, who share our vision and believes in us. And now we would like to thank you all who still not branded us as the garbage. We grateful all who follows us and grumbles about everything. It helps us to understand that our work isn't fiction. It gives us strong to find some time in any busy schedule, make a notes and tasks at work or in the train or even spend a half night by discussing and disputing about everything. And we know that it all not in vain. So, everything is still ahead. We hope that in the upcoming year we will bring you something with love and you will not be able to ignore it ;)

    Best wishes, Your Tobie, as the member of Sad Crab Crew

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    And please, forgive me, I'm not native-speaker, but our translator is still ill.