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    Originally posted by CreatedThisForAnswer View Post
    Greetings, first, much appreciation for the game,it's amazing,you guys did a great job.
    Second,please kick the sh*t out of the person who had the idea to put 2 miniature bricks in the background imagine of the menu as a language changer (Who the f*ck though that was a good idea)?
    I've been searching this section for an answer however to no avail so I decided to ask, Russian is not my main language (shocker), so when I was greeted with only russian text on the main menu I thought "welp time to search for the english version" (bear with me for a moment), took just a little while to find out there is no such thing as an "english" version since the creator of this was just like "Yeah let's make the game in both my language and English....make the menu text Russian, not english, because LOL).
    Needless to say I did not saw the 2 minuscule bricks in the background of the not full screen game,and I decided to randomly click on Russian words...I believe I accessed Full Screen which now is basically a resolution far greater than my screen (it's only half of the screen honestly...),problem is,I cannot re-do this because it is indeed only half a screen and the button I clicked was on the top of the screen,I cannot turn off full screen because of this,I tried installing the game again several times using the MEGA file provided (because pornlab's link is only in exquisite Russian) however to my surprise it keeps starting in full screen not like the first time I downloaded it,tried to fiddle with the properties but to no avail.
    Any suggestions please on how to get it fixed ? (Other than buying another PC,changing the network provider, or live the rest of my life until I die knowing I never got to play the glorious meme Witch Trainer)
    Thanks in advance.

    You need to reset your in-game settings, for that you need to find this folder on your PC - "C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\RenPy". There you will find all the folders for each RenPy game with the saves and the settings inside. After that you need to find the "Witch Trainer" folder and either delete it altogether, or just delete the file "persistent" inside this folder (it saves the settings of the game between play sessions).